Kensington Palace – A Carousel Of Kings and Queens

There are many movies and stories about the second longest reigning British monarch. She becomes Empress of India, may or may not have become Mrs. Brown, controversially befriends Abdul Karim, […]

Kensington Palace Gardens – A Royal Garden Born From A Glorious Revolution

William the III of Orange sails over in 1688 with an armada 4 times larger than the Spanish one in 1588. A rather provocative entourage for one who has been […]

Holland Park – Party in the Park

My mission the other day to discover the Dutch origins of Holland Park got no further than spotting some tulips in pots and gardens. Pretty as they were, they weren’t […]

Holland Park – A Fashionable Neighbourhood

Living just down the road from Holland Park, it has always intrigued me as to why this little corner of London has a name synonymous with the Netherlands, which I […]

A Xmas Saunter in Central London (£)

Start of Walk: Marble Arch Station. End of Walk: Oxford Street Station Length of Walk: 4 miles It’s that time of the year to look for inspiration for X’mas presents. […]

Farringdon Walk

This is a walk through what was one of the most notorious places in London in the 19th century, which also inspired Charles Dickens in the characters and locations he wrote about. […]