Den Bosch – A Carnival of Bosch

0 My morning from Utrecht had started very normally. And then I arrive in den Bosch. One bosschebollen later, I’m wandering around this delightful city.  And as I do, I’m […]

An Introduction To Den Bosch

0 Naked bodies frolic around the garden. Oversized fish lay scattered about on the ground. A naked woman carries a gigantic mussel shell on her back. Inside it is an […]

Amersfoort – A Journey To The Centre of the Netherlands

0 In 1661, around 400 people wander out to the Soest moor where a 10-tonne glacial boulder lies. They put ropes around it, and use sticks to dislodge it. They […]

Amersfoort – Where Johan, Jacob And Piet Once Lived

0 In 1619, a 71-year-old prominent Dutch lawyer is led to the gallows in the Hague. During his 8 months under arrest, he isn’t allowed to defend himself. A kangaroo […]

Dordrecht – The Revenge of the Royalists

0 Cornelis de Witt is released from prison. He has been tortured so badly (see my Hague blog) that he cannot walk. He sends for his brother Johan. But its […]

Kinderdijk – A Brief History Of A Dutch Polder

0 Should I be nervous knowing that only a dyke protects me from a salty swim? Everyone knows that the Kinderdijk, like much of the Netherlands, lies below sea level. […]

Dordrecht – How an Island Was Made, How a Country Was Formed

0 It’s the 18th of November 1421. A heavy storm from the North Sea lashes Holland. Dykes collapse all around. Hamlets and villages surrounding Dordrecht disappear under water for good. […]

The Hague – From an Ancient Forest to the Heart of the Dutch Government

0 There is a forest in the Hague. In the 16th century, a leisure walker like me, may have bumped into men carrying executed bodies to the gallows fields on […]

What I did in the Afternoon in Mechelen, Belgium

0 After my busy morning in Mechelen (Morning in Mechelen blog), I hit the streets again. After learning about the terrible pillage of Mechelen, I have a feeling that more […]