The Catherdral in Valencia From Placa de L'Almoina

Valencia – Brutus’ Roman City

The victor, Pompey, turns his attention to Valencia. It is 75 BC and Sertorius is defeated and dead. Valencia is home to 2000 Roman soldiers who had supported Sertorius. In […]

Valencia – An Architectural Delight

[1] Valencia’s Nord Station (1917) is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful train stations in the world. It’s cream Modernista facade is covered in flowers, orange blossoms and trees. An […]

Xátiva – A Day Trip From Valéncia

Xátiva is a 45 minute train journey. One of orange trees and dark green sierras. But I’m only just scratching the surface of this Spanish vista. Because after only a […]

Lanzarote – The Beaches of Punta Mujeres and Caleta De Famara

It’s my last day in Lanzarote, and so, highlands are strictly out of bounds. I’m going to stick to exploring nice, relaxing beaches. There will be no hiking up miradors […]

Lanzarote- Costa Teguise, Arrecife and Teguise

All 3 places have something in common with each other. Arrecife is the capital of Lanzarote. Teguise used to be the capital of Lanzarote. And Teguise shares its name with […]

Hária – Wandering through Lanzarote’s Valley of a 1000 Palms

Valleys with palms in Lanzarote? Seems very unlikely, when all I’ve seen the past few days are bare rocky mountains. So let’s see if I’m in for a treat today. […]