The Catherdral in Valencia From Placa de L'Almoina

Valencia – Brutus’ Roman City

0 The victor, Pompey, turns his attention to Valencia. It is 75 BC and Sertorius is defeated and dead. Valencia is home to 2000 Roman soldiers who had supported Sertorius. […]

Valencia – An Architectural Delight

0 [1] Valencia’s Nord Station (1917) is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful train stations in the world. It’s cream Modernista facade is covered in flowers, orange blossoms and trees. […]

Xátiva – A Day Trip From Valéncia

0 Xátiva is a 45 minute train journey. One of orange trees and dark green sierras. But I’m only just scratching the surface of this Spanish vista. Because after only […]

Lanzarote – The Beaches of Punta Mujeres and Caleta De Famara

0 It’s my last day in Lanzarote, and so, highlands are strictly out of bounds. I’m going to stick to exploring nice, relaxing beaches. There will be no hiking up […]

Lanzarote- Costa Teguise, Arrecife and Teguise

0 All 3 places have something in common with each other. Arrecife is the capital of Lanzarote. Teguise used to be the capital of Lanzarote. And Teguise shares its name […]

Hária – Wandering through Lanzarote’s Valley of a 1000 Palms

0 Valleys with palms in Lanzarote? Seems very unlikely, when all I’ve seen the past few days are bare rocky mountains. So let’s see if I’m in for a treat […]