The South Bank – Westminster Bridge To Hungerford Bridge

It takes over 1500 years before a second bridge is built over the Thames in central London. Till then, London Bridge is the solitary bridge on this side of town […]

Bletchley Park – The Code Breakers Part II

And so from this morning, I’ve done Bletchley part one, there is so much more to learn, of work that here was done, And now in Part II I will […]

Maarssen-Dorp – A Walk On King’s Day

It is thoroughly by accident that I arrive at my lodgings in the village of Maarssen on the eve of King’s Day. With nearly everything shut for the holiday, I […]

Den Bosch – A Carnival of Bosch

My morning from Utrecht had started very normally. And then I arrive in den Bosch. One bosschebollen later, I’m wandering around this delightful city.  And as I do, I’m slowly […]

An Introduction To Den Bosch

Naked bodies frolic around the garden. Oversized fish lay scattered about on the ground. A naked woman carries a gigantic mussel shell on her back. Inside it is an equally […]

Walthamstow – Morris And The Wild, Wild, Wetlands

“How can I ask working-men passing up and down hideous streets day by day to care about beauty? ” asks Morris. Morris, whose father is one of the many City […]

Walthamstow Village – Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble

Its 1720. Mr Jacobson has just settled down in his elegant home in Walthamstow to read the latest headlines about the spectacular burst of the South Sea bubble. A wealthy […]

Arundel Castle – A Reduced History From The Normans To The Norfolks

I’ve done a six-mile walk, from Arundel to Stoke, and now I must return, to the company of folk, I walk along a tunnel, of ferns and tall lithe trees, […]